About Me


Natalie R. Emmons

About Me

I was born on December 19, 1986 and I've lived in northern New Jersey all my life. I've enjoyed art for as long as I can remember. I was encouraged by my parents and my teachers to keep going and improve my skills throughout life.

I attended a vocational high school where I got my diploma in Commercial Art.

I have since attended Sussex County Community College as a fine arts/Design major, and switched into the Graphic Arts department from which I will graduate in May of 2009.

From there I plan to attend the Savannah School of Art and Design and recieve a degree in Sequential Art.

I hope to make my own comics someday.

About the Site

The site name GATE is taken from the title of the first comic idea I've ever decided to really run with. GATE refers to the one major plot point in the story, the mysterious gate between worlds. I thought it would be a fitting name for the site as well since a gate is a portal to many different things. This site is a portal to my work and my world. By visiting this site you've come through it.

I chose the domain g4te.net because when I originally thought of the title for the comic, I wanted to use a 4 instead of the A. With very little real reason for havingit, I've done away with the 4 in the title, but it makes a good web address. It reminds me of what the comic used to be, and what it will be in the future.

I also intend to host the comic on this domain, and it can and will be found at http://comic.g4te.net/.